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“How gentlemanly of you, even if it is short-lived you’re sure to meet a lucky lady with that attitude.”

“So then, what will you do with your time here if you have no reason to fight? I think you should at least take the time to enjoy yourself and see the sights.”

“Well, unfortunately, I doubt I will get a chance of doing that. The whole “I have a Master that will kill me if I try something” thing…”

“What to do with my time, huh? Well… I’m pretty much seeing if there is a way out. I don’t enjoy much the feeling of being tapped like a mouse.”

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(♠): “I do know the reason why.. Who are you sir?”

“My charm is almost a cruse… I’m Archer, a pleasure.”

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Setsuna didn’t say anything for a while, looking down at the ground. She’d seen worse than just humans; she’d fought worse. She had seen the worst of demons, and she had always thought she was alive because she believed. Because there was someone worth living for.

Not she wasn’t so sure anymore.

“I see…” the girl finally said, because she didn’t know anything about Archer’s life. She didn’t know who he was or what he did before Pandora. And it was none of her business. “I’m sorry. I didn’t want you to… think of the bad things that have happened to you. I hope it’s all in your past now.”

“I don’t know about this place; I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t know why I’m here. The only thing I know is that there is someone out there who I should be protecting right now. She was my reason and even now she still has my life inside her hands, and if I need to fight to get out of here and meet her again, I will.”

His eyes looked at the female, noticing that glimpse of bitterness on her expression as she replies to him. He knew that his words were heavy, after all, he carried them for so long, taking them wherever he had to go, and finish his mision.

What an Ironic Hell for a “Hero”…

Right now, he gave a calm expression, as if trying to relax the girl in front of himself. His words might be a bit more cruel of what he gives himself credit for…

“There is no such a thing as past for me anymore, so don’t sweat on it…”

“Well then… I got yo usome bad news..”

He was more than sure that getting out of here was on the “impossible” side of the scale by now. If a Heroic Spirit couldn’t even phantom to leave, then this place might be a grave for all of them.

“There is no way out, so you will have to deal with being in here…”

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“You needn’t censor yourself, it doesn’t bother me any. But yes his arrogance seems to know no bounds.”

“A miracle? What do you mean and why is it impossible?”

“You are a lady, I do have to watch my words a bit… Even more given that we just met.”

“A miracle is a miracle. Something that shouldn’t happen, it’s impossible to happen, and for some reason, it happens. We were brought together into this war to fight to get that miracle. But here, the source of that “Miracle” doesn’t exist so… I have no idea why are we here.”

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“You don’t get it do you?  We don’t know where the portal is besides ‘here’.  Where we showed up has no bearing on where the portal is.  If it was that simple we’d be out of here already.  But still, we’d appreciate the help.  Although before we do start… How ok are you people with magic and stuff?”

“I know that. The problem is, this place is a lot different than others. In here, we have no comunication with other places, and some of us are able to switch between worlds… But not here… So any option of escape is valid…”

A lot of them would take the first chance to get out… This might be too dangerous…

“Well about your question… I’m a spirit materialized by a low-end channeling of one of the five “Miracle” Magics existent, able to create weapons out of thin air, and all of them with powers to be called truly legendary items… So, my guess is that they won’t have much trouble…

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